Monday 28 September 2020

Most trusted


BBC News Website headline tonight

From Lewis Goodall's tweet his afternoon -  which, most unusually, he didn't expand upon or develop into a damning thread - I guessed that Claudia Webbe was a Labour MP simply because he didn't mention her party (Labour):

Meanwhile, Tom Harwood of Guido Fawkes has been reality-checking the BBC's reporting of the story:
Significant error in this ⁦ BBC News story. It says “She was a councillor in Islington, north London, between 2010 and 2018. Not true. She is /still/ a sitting councillor in Islington today.

Yes, despite being a Leicester MP, a cursory glance at Google tells you that she remains a Labour councillor in Bunhill, Islington

An hour on from Tom's tweet, the BBC report remains uncorrected. 

As with Radio 4's Sunday yesterday, BBC fact-checking seems to be fast hurtling down the pan.


Actually, to confess, I already knew who Claudia Webbe was and that was just a shameless rhetorical flourish from me above. She's a Corbynista who should never have been elected to Parliament with a heavy track record of being on the wrong side of the Labour antisemitism scandal

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