Saturday 5 September 2020

The BBC rules against Katya Adler


Talking about the activities of 'BBC types' on Twitter...

The BBC's Executive Complaints Unit has partially upheld a complaint against Katya Adler concerning a tweet where she described Michael Gove as "delusional". 

The ECU ruled (a) that Ms Adler "did not quote [Mr Gove] entirely accurately" and (b) that her use of the word “delusional” "was more a term of evaluation than of objective description (outside a psychiatric context) and, when applied to a statement, was necessarily to some extent an adverse reflection on the person making it" and "to that extent this particular tweet in our view went beyond the Guidelines’ licence for “professional judgements, rooted in evidence”, and we upheld this aspect of the complaint". 

And what has resulted from this ruling? "The finding was reported to the Board of BBC News and discussed with the relevant editorial management." 🙄

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