Friday 11 September 2020

Of BBC Three, owls, and the BBC badly misreading their new youth target audience


According to research quoted by The Daily Mail from Enders Analysis (the latter often cited and invited for interview by the BBC), the decision made by the great strategic brains of half a dozen years or so ago at the BBC to move BBC Three online resulted in the station collapsing by 89% in terms of viewing minutes. 

Why? Because its target youth audience, whenever it deigns to watch such things, still prefers watching 'linear TV' to watching it online.

The BBC assumed otherwise, and - as a result - the intended under-35 audience slumped into a great depression. 

I'm sure no one will ever be held to account for the decision, especially if it's as bad as the Daily Mail says it is.

It must be bad because Tim Davie is said to be about to reverse it. 

The Mail also report features the usual snooty BBC spokesman giving an especially sniffy, 'everything in the garden is rosy' response. It won't only be owls hereabouts who find it a hoot.

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