Wednesday 16 September 2020

KillWhiteygate (continued)


As far as KillWhiteygate goes, comedian Konstantin Kisin lays the blame nearer to where I think I think it should lie

I am a huge fan of the BBC (or at least what it could be) and I will never criticise a comedian for trying an edgy joke but how is anyone supposed to defend the producer who thought this should go out? Insane.

If you look at the programme's credits though, it lists three Executive Producers: Ruth Phillips, Peter Holmes and Christopher Barbour.

It also names the production company behind the programme: Zeppotron

I smell degrees of separation.

Are Ruth, Peter and Christopher independent of the BBC? 

If they're not independent of the BBC, this is their responsibility. 

If they merely work for Zeppotron and are independent of the BBC, who at the BBC ultimately signs these Zeppotron programme off? 

And who in particular signed signed this edition of the programme off? 

The answer should, of course, be clear and obvious. And if I'm missing something and you know what it is please let me know.



For fact fans, Zeppotron is also responsible for providing Nish Kumar's The Mash Report to the BBC

Which prompt the obvious question: Is Zeppotron named after the unfunny Marx brother?

In fairness to Gummotron though, I see that another programme they provide the BBC with is Would I Lie To You?, which has been pretty funny over the years. And they also do Charlie Brooker's Screen Wipe and Channel 4's 8 Out of 10 Cats (and its Does Countdown sibling). Cue Jimmy Carr laughing.

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