Tuesday 8 September 2020

Not another one!


Another day, another item for Tim Davie's in-tray - except that he's already received this one.

This one comes via Lee Harpin at The Jewish Chronicle again:

So here she is, a Senior Digital Producer for the BBC with a history of (often inaccurate) anti-Israel tweets and retweets, "currently producing a new BBC documentary [for BBC Arabia] looking into the activities of Israel’s Elad and City of David organisations in East Jerusalem".  

These organisations aim to strengthen the Jewish connection to Jerusalem, and renew the Jewish community there so, obviously, will be absolutely anathema to Ms Garthwaite. 

The JC reports that both Rosie Garthwaite and Tim Davie, plus BBC chairman Sir David Clementi, have already received a letter from the City of David organisation. It accuses Ms Garthwaite of having “repeatedly presented us with one-sided and inaccurate statements” and alleges that the programme “intends to vilify Israel, Jewish history and Jewish charities and present a number of false and misleading claims.”

Wonder what will happen to that documentary now?


Here's David Collier's take on it:

Another BBC employee caught spreading lies with raw anti-Israel propaganda.

The first thing the BBC should do is stop any Israel related program she is working on.

It is impossible to calculate the damage these 'journalists' and the BBC have done to the truth.


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