Monday 14 September 2020

More of the same


Newsnight's policy editor Lewis Goodall has been busy on Twitter this afternoon relentlessly heckling Boris Johnson, trying to find holes in everything the PM's saying, passing on every criticism of the PM he can find, finding no holes in anything the PM's critics are saying, interpreting the PM's body language against him, editorialising against the PM, etc. 

And he's spinning like a stuck record for Ed Miliband too. [Update: And he's even 'liking' praise for him now]. 

He's so one-sided it's a wonder he doesn't capsize.

He'll be on Newsnight tonight no doubt, having polished his criticisms further.

Update: And he's now gone on (and on and on) to back up the SNP's criticisms of the UK government. 

An SNP MP has, in Lewis's words, "neatly" summed his case up and highlighted "the irony" of the UK government's position. 

This is meant to be an impartial BBC journalist, not an opinionated commentator. He shouldn't be saying such things.

I suspect Lewis is neither pro-SNP nor pro-Scottish independence, but any 'any port in a storm' and 'my enemies enemy is my friend' spring to mind, and they'll probably appear in his Newsnight report tonight in support of his latest 'prosecution case' against the UK government.

We'll see. I'm in the mood for transcribing things...

Update 15/9: Lewis didn't appear on Newsnight after all. It was quite funny watching how the life went out of his Twitter feed for a while when the large margin on the Government's win came through. He soon picked himself up though and was off highlighting the one Conservative MP who voted against the Government and his "quite extraordinary criticism" of the PM, adding "This isn’t over 👇". He then retweeted another Conservative critic. 

If this is an impartial BBC policy editor's impartial behaviour then I'm Lewis Goodall's banana.

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