Friday 11 September 2020



My Twitter feed, looking back a couple of weeks or so, was full of people raging about a hyper-sexualised poster for Netflix's Cuties - a poster showing four 11-year-old girls posing in a hyper-sexualised fashion. They felt it verged on child pornography. Others defended it and said blamed Netflix for the 'out of context' poster. 

Among the director's defenders was the BBC News website. Its first online report (without a byline) clearly takes her side in its language, as does its second report (also without a byline). The anonymous BBC journalist behind the second piece asserts, "The film is intended to be a commentary on the sexualisation of pre-adolescent girls - rather than an endorsement of it." Both emphasize how the poster didn't give a fair picture of the award-winning drama. 

Then yesterday my timeline was full of people posting a two-minute clip from Cuties - a clip of those four 11 year old girls dancing in a hyper-sexualised fashion. 

Most (including me) couldn't believe their eyes, saying it was far, far worse than even that withdrawn poster had led them to expect. They felt it crossed the line into child pornography. Others were begging people to stop sharing it, lest it encouraged paedophilia. 

I do feel it crossed a line that shouldn't have been crossed, despite the director's intentions. 

Wonder what the third BBC News website report will say? I'm assuming it will continue to defend it.

Is paedophilia next to be normalised by the woke crowd? It seems hard to believe given the scale of revulsion the vast majority of people feel feel for it, but who knows?, given how things are these days:

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