Sunday 6 September 2020

An innocent (face) question?

I've had a lovely day today, but others are falling out on Twitter. 

Here, for example, is the BBC's environment activist analyst Roger Harrabin sparring with a successful entrepreneur:

Michael Liebreich: I am looking forward to serving as an Advisor to the UK Board of Trade at this critical moment in history. We have to revitalise our nation's trading relationships at the same time as staying on track towards net zero greenhouse gas emissions. 

Roger Harrabin: Michael, are you looking forward to working alongside Tony Abbott?

Michael Liebreich: Hi Roger. Let's talk when you're ready to get beyond the Punch & Judy narrative. I'll happily help you do your job as a BBC journalist - educating and informing the public about how trade and climate policy interact, and what the UK's role in a sustainable trade system might be.

I'd guess that environmentally-friendly birthday cards are probably not going to be exchanged between them from now on.

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