Tuesday 8 September 2020

The Muslim Council of Britain forces the BBC to change its headline


The Muslim Council of Britain has successfully pressurised the BBC into changing a headline on the front page of the BBC website. 

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The MCB's Miqdaad Versi, thanking the BBC for its "important correction", complains that it was "an unverified, misleading, and frankly irrelevant claim" and "wrong" to be included in the headline on the front page of the news website. "Prayer is not an indicator of terrorism, nor relevant to terrorist activity", he says.

The replies suggest the public isn't necessarily buying it:

Vanessa Atalanta: So, new leadership, same old BBC. Rolling over to minorities for “giving offence” when it was just reporting facts. It seems we are no longer entitled to know the truth.

Ellie Jukes (to Miqdaad Versi): It may not be but it was a factual report so what’s the issue?

Miqdaad Versi (to Ellie Jukes): He also ate food, breathed air and other irrelevant items. They can (and did) report this, but it didn't warrant being a headline.

Will (to Miqdaad Versi): It is not irrelevant. That's the point. His actions were directly motivated by his fundamentalist Islamic beliefs. Of course that doesn't mean praying is a negative but it IS pertinent when understanding his actions and motivations.

Defund the BBC: The BBC should not have made this correction under pressure from a lobby group that the majority of British Muslims do not feel represents them. It is simply untrue to claim that faith played no part - and is as irrelevant as eating - in this brutal mass slaying. 

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