Tuesday 15 September 2020

Emily Watch


Emily, eyes firmly on her prey

Emily Maitlis marked her return to Newsnight last week by conducting a joint interview where she interrupted anti-Government, pro-EU former Conservative MP David Gauke 1 time but interrupted former Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib 11 times, giving the former a free ride and the latter a very hard time. 

This is her modus operandi these days.

When I saw she was going to interview Sir Roger Gale and Lord Lilley last night and that Sir Roger voted with Labour against the Government I assumed she'd go after Lord Lilley and leave Sir Roger alone, and that's exactly what she did. She interrupted Sir Roger Gale 0 times and interrupted Lord Lilley 10 times. 

Lord Lilley also got the usual 'laugh in the voice' treatment from Emily and got told one of his arguments was "quite specious". At least he resisted somewhat, saying "That was a statement not a question" and "Hang on, I let you ask a question as long as my answer!".  

And Emily did interrupt German MEP Katarina Barley 4 times and, at least as the beginning, put some challenging questions to her, but the later stages of the four-way interview ended with her saying "Let Katarina finish" and "Let her answer" to Lord Lilley. (O irony of ironies!)

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