Friday 11 September 2020

June Is Apparently Bustin' Out All Over


I've been reading John Smith's recent fascinating TCW piece about what he sees as 'the next BBC scandal', concerning the BBC’s first-ever Director of Creative Diversity, June Sarpong - a woman who, by John's account, puts even Naga Munchetty to shame when it comes to 'outside activities'. 

The particularly striking thing, as far as I'm concerned, is that her wage hasn't been made public:

However, in a move that’s hard to imagine any other publicly-funded organisation agreeing to, her salary remains under wraps. Unlike the pay of every other BBC executive in the country, Sarpong’s wage has not been published.

She was appointed in November last year, so we're now so 10 months on and we've still not been told what it is. 

This is what it says on her official BBC page right now:

What's going on? 

Here's a TV celeb who, from her numerous appearances over the years, hasn't proved herself to be very wise or even slightly impartial.

The Remain campaign, as you'll recall, brought her in to front their campaign for our EU membership for the youth audience. 

Now she's supping at the very top board of the BBC. 

Even Tim Davie, despite dumping James Purnell, has kept her on in his top board. 

Tim? Really? 

You're seriously not only keeping dopey June Token on the BBC's top table but also continuing to let her control that vast budget your predecessor gave her to handle to encourage one kind of very particular diversity at the BBC? 

And YOU repeated that 20% over-representation target in your otherwise largely sensible welcome speech, thus re-committing the BBC to aim for a 20% target for BAME representation on the BBC, despite the BBC already being over-represented and the BAME population being presently just 13% of the population.

Fans of Toyah might thinks it's just a mystery as to why it's taking so long to get June Sarpong's possibly pongy salary made public. Others might want a better explanation. 

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