Saturday 12 September 2020

Friction over Bobby at the BBC (updated)


The Times reports today that BBC Asian Network presenter Bobby Friction has encountered resistance from BBC bosses after rubbing up against BBC editorial guidelines with a bitter, impartiality-busting tweet against the Conservatives (and Margaret Thatcher). BBC managers forced him to delete it. A BBC spokesman tells the paper that Bobby "has been reminded of his responsibilities as a BBC presenter." The question is: Will he take any notice though? 

The top-rated comment below the report reads:

It is self evident that the BBC has no control over its celebrity presenters and journalists who regard the BBC day job as the launch vehicle for their Twitter alter egos, where they can air their version of reality, mobilise their Twitter hate mob and, most importantly, tout for lucrative moonlighting assignments.

It's Tim Davie's job to get a proper grip on the problem. 

Update: Former GOAT minister under Gordon Brown Lord Digby Jones is aghast:

Bobby Friction, a presenter on the BBC Asian Network, tweets that “this f***ing government is a festival of faeces” & what happens? 
The BBC “remind him of his responsibilities as a BBC presenter”. Unbelievable! What do you have to do to be sacked at the BBC?

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