Sunday 20 September 2020

Charles Moore for BBC chairman?


Well, if the sources in Downing Street cited by the Mail on Sunday's political editor Glen Owen are correctly reflecting a serious, determined intent on the part of Mr Cummings & Co. to replace the departing Sir David Clementi as Chairman of the BBC with Charles Moore of all people then that would probably be the biggest shock to the BBC's system since time immemorial. 

The newly ennobled Lord Moore of Etchingham is definitely the cat the BBC pigeons would least prefer to have put among them. 

Unlike Sir David, Charles Moore wouldn't go native. Under him, the BBC would be shaken up, beginning next February. 

It's quite a tantalising thought. But is the Government brave enough?


Andrew Neil is being characteristically droll about it, even employing the time-honoured "choking on their muesli" crack:

BBC executives were choking on their muesli when it was reported that I was in the running to be next Chairman of the BBC. I have no interest in the job. But now the Daily Mail is reporting Charles Moore is favourite for the post, I expect BBC to be begging me to take it.

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