Sunday 6 September 2020

Oh dear


Another item has popped into Tim Davie's in-tray. 

The Sun has found the Twitter feed of "BBC chief" Melanie Briggs, a senior HR figure who (ironically) acts as the Corporation's London-based “mediation lead”.

It's much as you'd expect, only worse. 

She (a) wished death on Donald Trump, (b) questioned why Boris Johnson needed to be in intensive care when fighting coronavirus, (c) called right-leaning actor Laurence Fox a "c*nt", (d) "posted a smiling selfie of herself with former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn with the caption ‘JELFIE!!’ and a love heart emoji", (e) said she was "looking forward" to a particular left-winger winning a seat in the election, and (f) backed Clive Lewis MP's call for people to take to the streets to oppose the Government over Brexit. 

The paper quotes a "BBC source" saying:

This is very inappropriate. She’s in a very senior HR role and is constantly swearing using the worst language and posting her political views openly. The timing could not be worse. It’s just after the new top dog said he didn’t want employees openly being political. This is far worse than that. 

It’s so foul and abusive. 

The tweets are outrageous. Wishing somebody dead is appalling. Surely it goes against the BBC values and policies that HR must have an involvement in. 

She must get involved in difficult situations at the BBC and these disturbing tweets have probably caused a difficult situation for herself.

 Will she be cancelled? Should she be cancelled? 

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