Saturday 5 September 2020

“The more we shut doors, the more we shut doors on our own humanity”

As Charlie mentioned on the open thread, Sue Perkins is presenting two hour-long programmes on prime time BBC One (9pm) on Monday and Tuesday this week. I suspect Charlie's alarm bells won't be quietened by this preview from The Courier:

If we must have celeb-fronted travelogues, then I’d rather they were hosted by the likes of Perkins. Likeable, witty, compassionate, eloquent, she always engages sincerely with the issues at hand. In this two-part report she visits the world’s most contentious border. Interviewees include Mexicans who can only touch flesh with their displaced loved ones through tiny holes in The Wall. Perkins also meets wealthy white Americans living the retirement dream; undocumented migrants who couldn’t care less about their hypocrisy. This is both a celebration of Mexican culture and, by direct extension, a condemnation of the Trump regime’s racist narrative. “The more we shut doors,” says Perkins, visibly angry, “the more we shut doors on our own humanity.”

Wonder if Tim Davie will tune in, and what he'd make of it? 

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