Saturday, 2 March 2019

Woman's Hour team are given impartiality training after 'showing bias against US Supreme Court judge Brett Kavanaugh when he was accused of sex assault'

That's a headline from The Daily Mail. And this is the BBC ruling it refers to:

The presenter in question was Jane Garvey, who - during the programme - made comments like this:
What is horrifying – well, I suppose if you are a feminist it's horrifying – is the way that Kavanaugh's indignation, his outrage, his frankly peculiar almost hysterical demeanour... has been interpreted by some as entirely right. Exactly how a man would react in those circumstances.

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  1. Someone's got it in for Jane Garvey at the BBC! They normally circle the wagons and take potshots at the savages (ie us) trying to get a complaint taken seriously.

    I wondered whether she had fallen foul of the trans crowd...sixty seconds of research shows I might be right: