Saturday 9 March 2019

There is Nothin' Like a (Transgender) Dame

BBC Woman's Hour presenter Dame Jenni Murray - an impartial BBC feminist if ever there was one - has, for the past couple of years or so, been the target of furious (maybe testosterone-fuelled?) 'outrage' from transgender activists. 

The Leeds Literature Festival refused to ban her whilst being as grovelling as possible to the censorious trans activists as possible in their statement defending their decision. 

Meanwhile, here's a hot-off-the-presses Twitter photo of the mass protest against Dame Jenni of Woman's Hour today:


  1. When people who have sought to prevent others' free speech and destroy their careers experience that treatment at the hands of others should we feel sad? One for the Moral Maze perhaps.

    1. Dame Jenni's plight brings tears (of laughter) to the eyes.


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