Sunday 3 March 2019

"We're running a piece tomorrow about the co-stars of the show"

There's a BBC connection to this story, but it's mainly about the Scottish Mail on Sunday. It concerns the famous pug-owning Count Dankula, and a series of messages he received from a SMoS reporter yesterday:

Ah, Georgia! Butter wouldn't melt in your mouth, would it?

And here's the headline that emerged this morning!:

Maybe Georgia should team up with John Sweeney.


  1. I am amazed that Count Dankula could find his way on to a BBC programme...but I guess that's one way the Scots media folk can assert their independence.

    The article confirms how low the Mail (which I now refuse to buy and hardly ever read online) has sunk.

    1. StewGreen has posted this at B-BBC:

      "So what is this big job Dankula has got?
      \\It’s a panel show that has a big mish mash of people from an extremely wide range of viewpoints.
      It’s diverse as hell on all sides.//
      4 person panel plus presenter so Dankula makes up less than 20% of each episode
      We don’t know how many episodes he will be on."

      Still, it is surprising.


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