Sunday 10 March 2019

"It's a British establishment problem, and the BBC's worst at it"

And here's a little more from the 'hardcore' David Davis's interview with Andrew Marr this morning:
David Davis: Look, you had on this programme last week the past master of political tactics. He had Tony Blair on here. He didn't make much concealment, as it were, of his wish to see this whole thing reversed, right? What was his first step towards that? A deferral. And then a second referendum. And then, he hopes, a reversal. Well, that's what this is about and the British people understand very clearly what is going on, they understand better than the commentators...
Andrew Marr: (interrupting) So you are hoping really for no deal at this point? 
David Davis: No, no, I'm not. The reason I've always said that no deal has got to stay on the table is because it's what brings the European Union back. Now...
Andrew Marr: (interrupting) Sorry, so the choice for you might be this deal or no Brexit at all?
David Davis: No, no, I think... That is what we are going to be aiming to avoid in the tactics...
Andrew Marr: (interrupting) But if that is the choice, what's the answer? 
David Davis: Frankly, this deal is worse than current membership in one sense because we can't get out of it, but I don't think that is anything like the best outcome. And what we have to do...
Andrew Marr: (interrupting) So you would rather stay in? 
David Davis: No. No, no, no. I...
Andrew Marr: (interrupting) Well, these are the choices now ahead of you. 
David Davis: No, it's not, this is one of the problems, you keep... It's a British establishment problem, and the BBC's worst at it. You keep posing this as though these are choices that we make. No, they're not. They are stepping stone in a negotiation. And so what would happen...
Andrew Marr: (interrupting) But Parliament is going to have to make these choices.
David Davis: Yes, it will have to make the initial choices and then the Government will go back to negotiate. If it says no deal is still on the table, I don't think no deal will happen. I think the European Union will come back and say 'Let's take another couple of weeks to negotiate'. Why? Because whether it's the German Halle Institute or the IFO or any on them, they all say the damage to the European Community is much, much greater than the damage to Britain, much, much greater by order of magnitude difference...
Andrew Marr: (interrupting) We will wait and see with great interest. 
David Davis: They won't do it. They won't do it. 
Andrew Marr: Thank you very much indeed for talking to us. 


  1. Andrew Marr as Cathy Newman.


    Mind you, he might get into her dress.

    1. Wish you hadn't said that - just about to have a bite to eat! ;)


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