Sunday 31 March 2019

As Benjamin Franklin said...

In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes and that John Simpson would heartily approve of the election of a progressive liberal in Slovakia:

His fellow BBC veteran Hugh Sykes is with him all the way, and adds a further point:

Isn't it nice to see these two BBC old-timers sharing their joy at an election result for once?


  1. Perhaps George sends out one of those "4am memos" to his minions...According to Wikipedia, after starting in local government she moved into the nonprofit sector at the Open Society Foundation (a George Soros initiative), where she handled public administration.

    Doesn't stop her being horribly homophobic though. She is quoted as saying: "I prefer the child to have a biological mother and a biological father. " That's the sort of thing which would get you banned from public life in the UK.

    She was elected President on a very small turnout, just over 40%. The ever-helpful Wikipedia tells me that in Slovakia most executive power lies with the Prime Minister, not the President. So it's probably a largely symbolic office, which might explain the low turnout.

    Still if it helps keep morale up in the PC Globalist camp...

    I think the reality is that Slovakia closely allies itself with Germany. Now that Germany is at the heart of the PC globalist empire, they probably see that they need to mimic that in the national interest. I very much doubt that Slovaks are naturally PC types.

  2. Just got back from a couple of weeks in France, starved of BBC news, other than website - good for blood pressure! Did any of our media estimate the number of people who attended the Brexit London? It looked like a good turnout.
    I was interested to read, in today's Telegraph, that a contingent of 'Frexit' supporters had taken part, but not surprised to learn that they had not been interviewed by any uk tv stations. As we drove from near the Swiss border to Caen, we kept seeing small, 'Frexit' signs stuck on motorway toll-booths - I've no idea how many Frexit supporters there are - will investigate.

    1. Sorry - this was intended for open thread! Must make note not to post before I've had my wake-up coffee!


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