Thursday 7 March 2019

Guilty Frenchman

And the BBC News website home page headline in question:


  1. Maybe they do follow your blog, Craig.
    Quick as a flash the headline has now been changed to
    Jihadist guilty of Jewish museum murders

    1. Interesting! And well done to you for spotting that.

      It's a common tactic...We were treated to something similar on ITV News this evening...the Jihadi gang who beheaded and tortured so many Western captives were referred to multiple times, without explanation, as "The Beatles" (can you imagine how confused young children will be by that - I hope Sir Paul lodges a formal complaint about that), described as British and as having "English" accents. No mention of the M word or the I word in the introduction.

      It's gratuitous and therefore evidence of either conscious or sub-conscious bias I think.

  2. Yep but look how the tweets image kinda looks like a white guy with red hear.
    from about 6:46pm

    Earlier tweets with the old headline keep the graphic as a big red BBCBreaking news logo
    eg this one from 6:29pm


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