Sunday 3 March 2019

Headline news

I see that Sky News and ITV News agree on the main story this Sunday morning. 

Their respective news websites are both leading with the arrest of two teenagers for the stabbing of a 17-year-old boy in Greater Manchester, one day after a 17-year-old girl was stabbed to death in London. 

Meanwhile, the BBC News website is leading with...well, guess what!:

The BBC doesn't even feature the story of the stabbed 17-year-old boy in Greater Manchester on its home page, though its got room among its main headlines for 'No transgender athletes in women's sport' - Davies and Milan anti-racism march draws huge crowds.


  1. 9:20am The story is on the BBC News homepage now, without scrolling.
    Righthand column , fourth down
    "Boy, 17, killed in stab attack : Manchester"
    Coding within the page for that story
    \\ first_published":{"date":"2019-03-02 23:54:46" //

    It's below a US SJW story
    \\ US police not charged for killing black man //

    Another story gets a photo
    \\ NHS patients to be offered free tampons //
    \\ The move will let patients focus on recovering, and help avoid any embarrassment, say health bosses. //

    The page contains
    6 unnecessary SJW stories
    12 unnecessary trivia stories

  2. One of the curious things about the media coverage is the liking for the term 'IS bride'. I've never understood why they use that or why, in particular, the BBC would use that. And, while the media commentary been around whether to leave her in Syria or back to the UK (or even Bangladesh), starting with The Times 'Bring me home', there's been no focus on the role of the IS groom of this supposed bride and his responsibility for bride and children - despite women being considered the property of men in such regimes. So why did the media not suggest the obvious, namely that she and children should go with groom, wherever he goes or chooses to belong to? I don't get it. Now of course he's popped up, after several weeks, saying it himself. Took a long time for it to surface.

  3. and of course in the so called bbc story

    he barely fired his gun

    he hasnt really done anything other than be there

    blah blah blah

    investigative journalism at its best

    where are the victims horror stories??

    if these really are our citizens and they have done so much damage , shouldn't we be paying reparations to syria


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