Sunday 24 March 2019

Screaming headline alert: The BBC's Chris Mason DESTROYS Lord Adonis

Who mourns for Lord Adonis? (Not Chris Mason)

Fans of BBC-Lord Adonis tussles might enjoy this Twitter exchange from a couple of days ago. This time the BBC wins and Lord Adonis exits pursued by a geeky-glasses-wearing bear:

Lord Adonis: BBC News this morning is totally ignoring seismic 2.3 million who in 48 hours have signed petition to revoke Article 50.
Chris Mason: 11,000 likes, but wrong. It was in my BBC Breakfast report. It was in my BBC 5 Live report. And I talked about it on Brexitcast.
Anand Menon: And they mentioned at it near the top on BBC R4 Today as I recall. But hey. Don’t let the facts get in the way Andrew.
Simon Templar [though possibly not The Simon Templar]: Sorry to point this out Chris, even though I love your broadcasts and tweets, but you are being somewhat pedantic. And I do acknowledge that I am being pedantic in doing so. There's a little bit of Sheldon Cooper in all of us. Just saying.
Chris Mason: Sure Simon, I’m pedantic about facts. It’s my job to be. Lord Adonis was wrong, simple as that.
Lord Adonis: No, you are wrong Chris. I was listening to the BBC News on the Radio 4 Today programme and its reports, from 6am to 7.30am and no mention of the Revoke Article 50 petition across all bulletins. Fact.
Chris Mason: Let me quote you: ‘BBC News this morning is totally ignoring...’ Sent shortly after 6am. You are now justifying your falsehood by referring to one outlet. I know how much you love your retweets on here, but the simple reality is you were factually wrong.

Obviously His Lordship is talking nonsense about BBC bias. It's what he does. It's cynical pressuring.

And it doesn't balance out justified criticism of BBC anti-Brexit bias. 


  1. Adonis would still be complaining even if the BBC officially changed its name to the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation!
    He is a good example of the BBC's 'complaints from both sides' or 'you do not push our side enough' versus 'you do not push our side AT ALL'.

  2. BBC are doing everything possible to help the petition. They mentioned it early on when similar pro-Brexit petitions have been ignored in the early stages. They now contrast its nearly 5 million(EU and overseas citizens) signatures with the paltry 500K for a pro-Brexit petition that never received the same push from the BBC. The BBC are in the same trade as Adonis but even whores sometimes fall out with pimps.


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