Sunday 3 March 2019


Hmm. Why did BBC One's early evening news bulletin pixelate the face of Islamic State's Amira Abase tonight?

We're all well used to seeing this image:

But tonight's BBC bulletin gave us this:

Yes, Amira Abase's face (and only Amira Abase's face) was pixelated by the BBC:

What is the BBC up to here?


  1. Was she the one killed in the bombing? Request from parents?

    Shamima story is still running top of the charts on the BBC News channel.

  2. Lawyers ?
    Up coming court case maybe ?

  3. Was she under 16, maybe? - 'child' protection?

  4. I dunno Craig, but clearly someone influential is driving this whole Shamima/child/bride/baby/return "home" story.

    The husband was interviewed on BH yesterday followed by an "expert" opining he should be allowed back to his "home" country to be tried. Paddy didn't challenge at all.

    I guess this is the issue; hundred's of ISIS fighters and their camp followers have to be dealt with somehow and somewhere. Someone in the global elite has decided that this will be their "home" countries, but the populaces of the "home"countries do not agree; Shamima the child bride with baby is the battering ram.

  5. Sis - if so... irony alert.


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