Saturday 16 March 2019

The NZ massacre: an appeal for calm and moderation

The appallingly cruel anti-Muslim terrorist atrocity in Christchurch, New Zealand proves - if proof were needed - that far-right, white supremacist terrorism is now a serious menace and that the ideology behind it as vile as its mirror image, Islamism. 

Both need crushing.

Of course, no terrorist atrocity these days would be complete without armchair warriors on various sides of our many culture wars vying viciously to score points off each other. 

The wilder shores I'll ignore, but within mere hours one 'respectable' side was trying to smear prominent critics of Islamism - from Melanie Phillips to Boris Johnson, from Maajid Nawaz to Julia Hartley-Brewer, from Sajid Javid to David Aaronovitch - with the Christchurch killer's murderous evil, while the other 'respectable' side was furiously countering that this was obscene opportunism. 

(You might notice a certain bias on my part in the way I phrased that).

And, of course, no terrorist atrocity these days would be complete without the authorities thinking that the first thing needed is to crack down on social media.

On these points, here's an appeal posted yesterday (as events were unfolding) from North Northwester at the They're Joking. Aren't They? blog:

The NZ massacre: an appeal for calm and moderation

In light of the unconscionable and apparently anti-Muslim attacks in New Zealand that may have been inspired by anti-Islamic sentiment and which all decent folk everywhere will condemn without demur or qualification (as do I ), now might be an appropriate time to point out that not all anti-Islamism activists and commentators are inspired to or approve of illegal violence.  
As our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and the bereaved, it is important that just condemnation of these criminals should not be used as an excuse for counter-attacks and blaming the innocent. 
Indeed, the overwhelming majority of Islam sceptics are simply decent, law abiding people who wish to go about their lives at peace with their neighbours while reserving to their consciences the basic human right of expressing condemnation of the 34,725 documented deadly Islamic terror attacks since 9/11, 7/7, the horrors of Rotherham, Rochdale, Oxford, Telford and the rest of such events and who harbour – for whatever reasons - deeply held convictions critical of the motivations behind the Ariana Grande concert massacre and the ISIS-led attempted genocide against (amongst others) the Yazidi people. 
Please try not to make this sad situation worse by blaming, quite without evidence, any or all of Islam’s present day critics and detractors for fear your intemperate words might inspire violence or legal persecution against this much-maligned and diverse group of individuals: no matter how much you might personally disagree with their opinions and obsessions. 
Thank you.


  1. I'm sick of all this. If anyone was listening to Any Questions? they will have noticed Nimble Dimble deploying his favourite flying leap technique to get stuck in. The usual targets for a smear of this kind, well guess...ah, but of course! UKIP, Tommy who? - and cue the Labour MP Andy McDonald smearing of those who write in 'mainstream journals'. Whoever might they be? We weren't told. He's such an eager beaver, that Dimbo. His work was done.

    1. Ah, you mean this kind of Jonathan Dimbleby "is said by some" question to a known critic of Gerard Batten's UKIP:

      "Leila, thank you. I want to just...le..le...something that...that, wi'but...both, several of you, talked about on the panel so far. Erm. Take Ukip, and Ukip's leader, who is accused by some of fanning the flames of Islamophobia...erm...a-a-ah-and that he leads a political party...There are many people who are clearly sympathetic to Ukip around the country. It's said that the Conservative party fears the rise of..of..of Ukip. You observe this, as someone who is of a small-C conservative instinct, Iain Dale. How do you read that?"

    2. Talking of Islamophobes and political parties, Rod Liddle has joined the SDP - it traces its roots back to the 1981 SDP - but it is now strongly pro-Brexit and pro-family. It has one MEP - Patrick O'Flynn (ex UKIP).

    3. Oh, yes, I'd forgotten that he fed it to the virtuous non-Tory Iain Dale, knowing damn well how he'd read it.

  2. "Let me use facts and figures to put the Christchurch murders into perspective:

    Since the start of 2019, there have been about 355 terror attacks in 31 countries resulting in deaths. Of these 355 terror attacks, one was carried out by a right-wing extremist and the other 354 were carried out by faithful members of the religion of harmony and happiness.
    The 354 terror attacks claimed by our most favouritest religion resulted in 1,956 deaths and a further 2,020 injuries. So, the death toll has been running at about 195 people a week since the start of this year.
    The 1,956 deaths included about 130 Christians, 65 Hindus, 12 Buddhists and one Jew. The other 1,748 slaughtered in the last ten weeks by members of the religion of peace were all members of the religion of peace.

    Of course, the mainstream media won’t mention the 130 Christians, 65 Hindus, 12 Buddhists, one Jew and 1,748 Moozerlums all shot, hacked to death, beheaded, crucified, blown up or burnt alive by members of the religion of peace as these murders don’t fit in with the progressive liberal narrative that the more multi-culturalism and diversity we have the more wonderful our societies will be, in spite of the fact that study after study after study have shown that the more diversity there is, the less social cohesion there is and the higher are levels of violence and crime. You only have to look at Sadiq Khan’s blood-soaked streets of London, where indigenous white Brits are in a minority, to see what too much diversity brings.

    So, as we are bombarded with news propaganda about how awful right-wing terrorists are, perhaps we should put the 49 Christchurch deaths into context by remembering the above figures – 1,956 innocents slaughtered in just ten weeks by members of the most wonderful religion? Perhaps we should remember that more than 195 innocents have been slaughtered each week on average by our chums from the religion of peace since the start of 2019?

    And, as candle-lit vigils and demonstrations are held by the usual progressive libtards for the Christchurch victims, there won’t be any candle-lit vigils for the 1,956 innocents slaughtered by our friends from the beautiful religion. Moreover, the Christchurch massacre will give our rulers the excuse they’ve been waiting for to pass new laws massively clamping down on free speech. Soon any comment criticising or even questioning anything about the religion of wonderfullness will be immediately branded ‘hate speech’ and result in criminal prosecution."

    H/T SnoutintheTrough

  3. Not BBC, but Mr. Javid seems to be steering towards corralling all who are deemed 'contributory' to what happened the other side of the world, with the enthusiastic backing of everyone here from sports teams to the national disgrace.

    Given gatherings of folk online in the public domain are deemed to lead to nasty outcomes, surely by logic gatherings of folk more covertly in physical locations can only be more of a concern?

    And need banning too.

    Popcorn ordered. And maybe a few shares in Foxtons as some nifty real estate in the heart of cities falls into unuse.


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