Sunday 3 March 2019

Chuka Umunna's Flip Flops & Co.

Rob Burley after a long day on Twitter?

Ah, as it's Sunday, and the sparrows are chirping and the collared doves are singing their 3-note tune over and over and over again, so it must be time for Rob Burley, the BBC's editor of live political programmes, to chat with the BBC's many Corbynista fans on Twitter over tea and toast. Ah yes, here goes!...
Chuka Umunna's Flip Flops (Warmonger Hodges): Tom Watson and Luciana Berger last week. Tony Blair and Simon Schama this week. The producers of Marr aren't even trying to hide their agenda anymore. Rob Burley is just trolling Corbyn supporters now. Don't tell me Sayeeda Warsi wasn't available to talk about Tory Islamophobia.
Rob Burley: Bonkers. In 2019 we have had numerous Labour front benchers including John McDonnell &Jeremy Corbyn. We also have Rebecca Long-Bailey TODAY! And, by the way, Tom Watson is Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, the fact you don’t like him doesn’t mean he doesn’t count as a Lab guest.
Tom (The Absolute Tom): When can we expect a debate on Tory Islamaphobia? If Labour AS is anything to go by, you guys should be giving it wall-to-wall coverage. I'm fact, there wouldn't be room in your schedule for anything else. 
Rob Burley: Well it featured on Politics Live on Thursday but I assume for the purposes of your theory that doesn’t count?
Sue McCormick: This is how the BBC spin. One question from Andrew Neil compared to saturation coverage on Labour AS for months. Rob Burley is an establishment lackey who holds viewers in contempt. #DirtyMedia
Rob Burley: Sue seems nice.
Sue McCormick: Rob doesn't. 
TheMainStem: Rob can tweet his blokey football, ‘laugh at the left’ observations all day long, but somehow it all feels a little outdated.
Rob Burley: I’m not laughing at left or right or anyone really. I’m just not letting lies and distortion stand. Sorry.
Oooh, and now a wood pigeon is singing its five-note tune over and over and over again. 

Oh, I'm missing The Andrew Marr Show. I believe Tony Blair's on. (Wonder whatever happened to him?). Must switch the BBC on now. (Nurse! Nurse!)


  1. Listening to Oystercatchers and Curlew myself. Not missing anything by missing Marr though ;-)

    Will wave again Thursday night on th A683 on my way home from the IoM.

  2. Notice that Burley accepts the equation of anti-semitism = Islamophobia. This is a very, very dangerous and slippery path. The pro-Sharia gang, from the Lords and Ladies, to the many thousands burrowing away within our great parties know this...and want us to go sliding down it.

  3. Slippery answers there from Hurly Burly. While true they've had McDonnell and co on, I couldn't believe it when I saw today's lineup, namely Blair, and he's NOT Lab front bench or any bench. What a brazen lot the BBC are, still campaigning against leaving in the run-up to critical votes and the looming leave date. And yes, there was a kind of 'balancing' question from Andrew Neil on Thursday Politics Live asking what about the Conservative party. Didn't amount to anything much really. Of course, the lefty Corbyn folk can't bear that they are being accused of an ism because they consider themselves the owners and gatekeepers of righteous observance on all things ist and ism.

  4. And sure enough, almost as if prompted by Burley's twitter opponents, today's WATO features Warsi complaining about institutional Islamophobia in the Tory party.


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