Monday 11 March 2019

Other side of the coin

It must be because I’ve clicked on a Tommy Robinson video once or twice, but I keep getting unsolicited Tommy Robinson-related alerts on the iPad. Well, I suppose it’s just as well, otherwise, I’d never get to know what’s informally known as ‘the other side of the story’. 

It’s not that the MSM is completely silent about the comings and goings of Tommy Robinson formerly known as Stephen Yaxley-Thingy.

Did you read that piece in the Sunday Times (£) penned by, of all people, famous journo Andrew Gilligan?

I’m surprised. Why would Andrew Gilligan write a piece that clearly implies that Tommy Robinson is in it for the dosh and that the ‘punters’ who shower him with donations are gullible idiots?

The article includes a couple of pictures of Robinson’s “House in Bedfordshire worth almost £1m”, which look as if they’ve been snatched from some estate agent’s brochure. Is that how investigative journalists go about their business, like riffling through celebs’ dustbins for ‘evidence’? 

What was the point in that? Anyway, for those of you without The Times subs, the comments below the line are divided, but on balance I’d guess they’re slightly towards the “could be going better’ end of the spectrum.

One of the unsolicited TR live-stream type selfie-films I was sent the other day was of Tommy outside the home of a certain Mike Stuchberry in the middle of the night banging on the front door loudly and relentlessly.

Tonight he paid me a visit. Twice. 
“After tweeting the news that he was about to be served papers for defamation at his home in Central Bedfordshire, I got to see, in response, what his customary “doorstepping” was like for myself.”

Mike Stuchberry, "Educator, Writer and Thinker"

According to Tommy Robinson, the door-knocking exercise was retaliatory, as previously 'a drug-addict' had been employed to serve the above mentioned ‘papers’ in person to the home of TR’s wife and children “where I do not live” accompanied by various individuals and newspaper reporters. I gather the police intervened before the troupe accomplished the mission.

TR felt this behaviour was intimidatory as well as cowardly as at the time he himself was abroad on a well-publicised trip. So, own medicine.

I don’t know if any MSM outlet has published “the other side” as outlined above, but it doesn’t seem very fair to publish one without the other.

As far as fearing the creeping Islamisation of the world goes, I’m with Tommy. The way he goes about disseminating his message is often both impulsive and reckless. However, just sitting on one’s arse blogging like I do has zero impact and comparatively little influence.

It obviously takes impulsiveness and recklessness to make an impact, not to mention considerable personal courage. I do wish he’d rein in some of his less defensible activities, but even so - power to his elbow.

As Nicky Campbell said on The Big Questions, Islam is the world’s fastest growing religion. Dozens of Islamic countries already exist, and Islam has infiltrated almost everywhere else, including Britain, with ever-increasing persistence. Antisemitism is rife throughout the western world, especially Europe. Meanwhile, your BBC is out and about, garnering the views of the people of Bradford.


  1. I doubt if Islam is the fastest growing religion, it's a lot easier to double your membership when you only have one member!

    I really don't understand why 'the West' allows any Muslims to become citizens. There are parallels with communism; any party can stand for election in a democracy but if the communists win then there won't be any more democracy. The 'unalterable' texts of Islam insist that one is either 'with' the faith or 'against' it and those that are 'against' are fair game for elimination.
    Governments have quite happily banned Scientologists and the likes of Lauren Southern so why import any Muslim, why is that 'in th public interest'?
    What is the endpoint when all 'the difficulties' have been sorted out? Islam is quite clear on that point, like the EU, it is not for changing.
    What's wrong with saying, "Do what you want in Pakistan, but we are not doing it here."?
    Seems to me that 'the powers that be' are creating conflict where there was none and for no good reason.

    1. Citizenship is a precious gift in the hands of the state. Successive governments have been reckless and negligent in the way they have allowed those who hate our values across the board and prefer Sharia to gain citizenship.

  2. "According to Tommy Robinson, the door-knocking exercise was retaliatory,"
    Que what the heck do you think it was ?
    Do you think TR had already organised the Saturday doorstepping before Stuckberry organised his crew to go around to the house they thought was TR's on Friday ?

    I have noticed the same with people observing Trump, they observe from afar , watch videos that have been edited, that have things in the wrong order and then make judgements about him. And like with Tommy they look down on him.
    You know the rule; you don't judge people until you walked in their shoes. So when you say "I do wish he’d rein in some of his less defensible activities"
    I am not sure that applies
    You and I after your wife/children were doorstepped would probably not go to the perps house alone the next night and next morning.. TR did
    It was decision to make
    - We know it made great video & perhaps was a good strategic move on his part.
    During his election campaign Trump seemed to do things we wouldn't have done, somethings unpredictable .. Now we don't know if those things were crazy or strategy above our thinking level
    .. but Trump did come from the outside and won the US election ..those bystanders did not.

    I happen to think there are no fairies,...and no gods .. but I don't see people taking the same tone with Jacob Rees Mogg as they do TR, they don't tell JRM to stop believing in fictitious gods.

    The newspaper articles always seem to have the fingerprint of HnH within them, almost all articles across different papers written to the same template and almost always with no open comment .
    And HnH is no innocent random org, it seems it was sent up as a Labour Party front group to leverage the cause of anti-racism for the advantage of the Labour Party ..That's why it smear labels people who challenge Labour, yet looks the other way about racism FROM Labour Party supporters. You can't get more hatey than treating teenage girls of another ethnicity as "easy meat"

  3. BTW Vancey has a video with Lucy Brown ..and I think it's a similar kind of thing : people from afar trying to be pundits on TR's thinking
    Both DV and Lucy postulate that it was TR's PSD he got from solitary confinement ...that caused him to retaliate against Stuckberry.
    But I have seen Lucy on previous videos do 2+2=5 thinking , and then it turn out to be wrong cos TR actually knew some info she didn't.


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