Sunday 27 July 2014

More Twitter folly from another BBC reporter

DB at Biased BBC has noted an intriguing change of header on BBC journalist Julie Macfarlane's Twitter feed. It now shows "gun-toting pro-Palestinian flag-wavers", says DB, quipping, "But she’s not trying to make a statement, honest. Just a coincidence".

Now, why would DB read anything into that change of header? Well, probably because he's been following her incredibly biased Twitter feed

Please read it for yourselves and see what you think. 

I think it shows a one-sided BBC journalist in action, albeit the kind of BBC journalist whose bias lies in her re-tweets rather than in blatant posts of her own - hence, her lack of quotability. Critics of Israel abound and supporters of Israel are absent in her re-tweets to a staggeringly disproportionate degree. 

I don't think I've ever read a Twitter feed quite as clearly biased yet so self-aware when it comes to avoiding blatant statements of (her own) opinion. 

She needs to tread very carefully from now on though. DB is watching.

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  1. And her latest tweet is about the "growing focus of PR in this conflict". Imagine.


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