Saturday 5 July 2014

Time to write a stiff letter to the Telegraph

The goddess Isis - now, thanks to Caliph Ibrahim, known as Is.

I read a piece at The Spectator recently concerning "The bloody battle for the name Isis." 

The Pagan Federation, apparently, has written to the Daily Telegraph complaining that the acronym Isis "is likely to form an inadvertent association in the minds of hearers between Sunni jihadists and followers of the goddess Isis".

How I chortled! 

The Speccie's Dot added,
Apart from the army of bloodthirsty Islamists, Isis is a centre for scientific research at Harwell, near Oxford; a group of schools teaching English; an ‘end to end’ professional photographic service in Clerkenwell; a private equity investor; and a seven-seater from Toyota. With no connection whatsoever with the jihadists, any of these outfits might easily be subject to accidental drone strikes.
How I laughed!

Well, I'm not laughing now. Here at 'Is' - as Sue and myself like to call Is the BBC biased? - we are frankly appalled, and will be writing to the Telegraph, to complain that Isis has now changed its name to 'IS' (standing for 'Islamic State').

We at 'Is' object to this in the strongest possible terms. We fervently hope that we will not be accidentally bombed as a result.


A form of words used elsewhere in this post reminds me (in passing) of a classic Bob Monkhouse joke:
When I said I was going to become a comedian, they all laughed. Well, they're not laughing now, are they?

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