Wednesday 16 July 2014

Jon Donnison is back

He may have been the BBC's Sydney correspondent for over a year now, but the BBC's former Gaza correspondent continues to make his biased views of the Israel-Palestinian situation very clear on Twitter. He has been highly active over the past few weeks, tweeting almost entirely from a pro-Palestinian perspective.

A selection of his tweets follows, but you would be better reading them as a whole to get the full biased effect.

Note how the killing of the three Israeli teens doesn't seem to touch him much. He even re-tweets a dismissive comment from a Human Rights Watch spokesman about the story:
The killings merely seem to rouse his fears of an attack on Hamas - which, he announces early on, would achieve nothing, except to boost Hamas: well as to provoke his interest in conspiracy theories from anti-Israel sites:
It's only when the Palestinian boy was murdered that he gets emotional and starts tweeting and re-tweeting in earnest.

Early on comes this far-from-impartial tweet:
You won't find a single tweet about Hamas' use of its civilian population as human shields or concern for Israeli citizens living in constant fear of rockets from Gaza or about Israel's warnings in an advance of many attacks to avoid civilian casualties.

And then it's back to
And, even on yesterday's abortive ceasefire, it's only one side of the argument that gets re-tweeted by Jon Donnison:
Still, at least in his own mind this is doubtless a BBC reporter 'being impartial', displaying that genetic disposition BBC reporters were once said to have against bias. Hence, one of his most recent tweets:
Still, at least pro-Israeli readers can be consoled by the fact that Jon Donnison's 'impartiality' also extends to matters of climate change - and he isn't afraid to sling insults in the process of 'being impartial' here either:
All of which seems to go to show that you can take the biased reporter out of Gaza but you can't take the bias out of the BBC reporter.

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