Tuesday 1 July 2014

Fury and sadness

For those (like Iain Duncan Smith) who think the BBC has been unduly antagonistic toward the government's benefits reforms....

...and for those who think the BBC is unduly unsympathetic to Israel....

...just try this, transcribed from immediately after the 8 o'clock news bulletin on Radio 4:
Continuity Announcer: This is BBC Radio 4. Anne Adams is a blind benefits advisor who, due to the introduction of new inaccessible government forms, now needs a support worker. She tells Peter White about her fury and the sadness she feels at needing sighted assistants. That's on tonight's In Touch at 8.40. Now though File on 4. With mounting tension over the murder of the three Israeli teenagers and with fighting continuing in Iraq and Syria, Tim Whewell examines the dilemmas facing aid workers in the Middle East and other areas of conflict.
Tim Whewell: Here in the tightly-packed streets of one of Gaza's refugee camps I'm surrounded by people who have no running water, no proper sewage system, no steady source of income. Four out of five Gazans depend on some kind of humanitarian assistance.
No Morrissey tonight to match the mood all this provokes, but half-finished-and-deeply-moving Mahler instead. Go on, go on, go on, go on, go on...:

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