Saturday 19 July 2014

Part two. (The one about Lyse Doucet)

Another bit of footage we’ve been shown repeatedly on the BBC is Lyse Doucet’s response to the evacuation of families moving out of the way of potential bombardment or a possible IDF ground invasion. The IDF give out warnings against a background of heavy criticism from the sages in the media. Damned if you do damned if you don’t.

The bit of film is on a loop, with Lyse’s voice-over telling us that people are fleeing, “but where are they supposed to go.... (what about the designated UNWRA camps?).... taking with them “as much as they can carry.” 
I know I shouldn’t really say it, and it's a trivial point, but I will just  mention that the film depicts a group of people hurriedly walking along towards, I hope, safety. A woman is carrying an infant, and a small boy is carefully carrying what appears to be a casserole dish. The rest of the group aren’t carrying anything at all. ‘Nothing’ equals “as much as they can carry”?

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