Saturday 5 July 2014


Simon Heffer huffs in today's Mail:
On Radio 4 this week, Dame Jenni Murray casually described Hillary Clinton as ‘the most famous woman in the world’. Oh really? What about our beloved Queen? Or William Hague’s big crush, Angelina Jolie? Or, for that matter, the singer Beyonce (and if I’ve heard of her, she must be distressingly famous)?
I am sure Dame Jenni was not party to such a shoddy arrangement, but it is widely believed that the Lefties who run the BBC are lining up Mrs Clinton as their ‘approved’ candidate for the next U.S. presidential election and are keen to promote her cause. Mrs Clinton hasn’t even declared her candidacy yet, so prepare yourselves for disgustingly sycophantic saturation BBC coverage when she does.
This section of his article is entitled, "WORST SYCOPHANTS IN THE WORLD".

I didn't hear that Woman's Hour interview with the sainted Hillary but I did see this tweet from Dame Jenni's Woman's Hour colleague, 'Champagne' Jane Garvey:

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  1. As for Monica Lewinsky?
    Like Heather Mills-the kind of victim that the Left despises, despite their classic boilerplate profiles of being abused by privileged, powerful older men.
    Ah-but the right KIND of lefty bloke who is virtuous and successful in his the hussies had it coming!
    Contrast how Sarah Palin was treated by Womans Hour as she toyed with becoming a candidate for 2012...wrong cause, so let`s pile in on her disabled child.
    The Left are evil...and need reminding of this at every turn.


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