Saturday 19 July 2014

Technical problems for BBC services including iPlayer

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Technical problems for BBC services including iPlayer

BBC services including iPlayer and some online material have been affected by technical problems pn {sic} Saturday.
Some online users have seen error messages when trying to access material on web pages including SpringWatch and World Cup 2014.
The issues have affected publication of videos on the BBC website.
The BBC press office said it was "aware of an issue which means some people cannot access certain parts of BBC online".
"We are working hard to fix this as soon as possible," a spokeswoman added.


  1. The BBC website has been virtually unusable all day today 19 Jul 2014. Access to the site via the Roku box is impossible and there is little or no content playable via web browser either.
    Very little information coming out of the BBC about this

    1. Yes, a very belated article appeared on the BBC website about half a day after the problem began. A very slow announcement from the BBC.

    2. I think the reason why the BBC are only cautiously communicating is because it might not be regular technical issues, but a directed attack. On several occasions, trying to play video or audio content on iPlayer has given me a message saying "error code: BOYCOTT". That might not be a standard server error message.

      The troubles show telltale signs of a DDoS attack, too. You can usually load a malfunctioning page if you retry a few dozen times. You can also catch all the streams if you know their direct URL, it seems to only be the intermediate player and playlist services that are affected, not the streaming servers themselves.


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