Saturday 19 July 2014

Nihal down the line

I've rather liked Nihal ever since I saw him on some rather silly but engaging reality show on BBC Two some years back. He appeared alongside the likes of Ulrika Jonsson, Keith Allen, Clarissa Dickson Wright, and John Humphrys...yes, John Humphrys...learning to doing art at a modern art school. [John H played the part of  'The Grumpy Old Man Who Hates Modern Art']. He was full of charm, and talent.

That said it's only blogging about the BBC that has ever brought me into contact with his radio programmes. 

An Is the BBC biased? post (from last June) featured Nihal and compared the experience of listening to his Asian Network phone-in programme with Radio 4's wonderful parody Down the Line. It helped that Nihal sounds surprisingly like 'the award-winning Gary Bellamy' and that some of his callers are as mad as hatters. 

It's time to feature the hopefully-award-winning Nihal again...and a pro-Palestinian caller. Enjoy!

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