Tuesday 1 July 2014

Three fingers

I wanted to listen to the news today just to find out how the BBC and Sky were reporting the murder of the three Israeli teenagers and the ongoing consequences. As luck would have it I had to be out for the best part of the day so I missed the bulk of it. 

However I did catch some snippets this evening. Daniel Taub, Mustafa Barghouti, Mark Regev, Mustafa Barghouti,  Yolande Knell, (I admire the way she makes the town of Halhul sound like ‘hell-hole”) Mustafa Barghouti, Kevin Connolly, Mustafa Barghouti, Peter Lerner, Mustafa Barghouti and lest you forget, Mustafa Barghouti.

Not wishing to be likened to those Israel-haters who fly into an apoplectic seizure the moment Mark Regev is given air-time, I would nevertheless prefer not to have quite so much of Dr. Barghouti’s visage or his unpleasant rhetoric and blatant lies beamed into my living room at my expense.

BBC Watch has dealt with his appearance on last night’s Newsnight. Laura Kuenssberg’s line of questioning revealed how superficial a grasp she (and the BBC) have of the situation. 

Okay, so Kuenssberg invited Barghouti to admit that he believed the three ‘had it coming’, an admission that the viewer might have found pretty unpalatable, but he headed it off with his tiresome counter attack concerning illegal settlements. 

Since the BBC has been manipulated by the Palestinian marketing machine and made to swallow hook line and sinker the Palestinian interpretation of “International Law”, Ms Kuenssberg allowed all of that to pass unchallenged, or at least she did so without noticing that what he said was tantamount to an admission that he did indeed think they ‘had it coming’ and similarly he perceives Israel’s very existence as a provocation that justifies all Palestinian violence.
Barghouti got away with stating over and over, by way of various insinuations and weasel words, that not only the three murdered teenagers, but Israel itself ‘has it coming’.

The trouble is that the BBC has been hoodwinked by the disingenuous “Palestinian narrative,”  (a term I don’t particularly like using, but it will have to do) which leads them to turn a dim-to-completely-blind eye to the increasingly obvious fact that Hamas and all too many Palestinians suffer from the same kind of religious brainwashing that motivates ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Shebab and Al Qaeda. Even though all the signs are there, the BBC continues to pretend they are not. ISIS has even been spotted  in Gaza.
The BBC as a whole seems to have partially bought into the theory that Israel itself is responsible for the murders, for allowing settlements, for the occupation and  for existing at all in “Palestinian land” . The legitimacy of Israel itself is in doubt for the BBC.

I’ve just seen Dr. Barghouti once again on the BBC news 24, this time with Gavin Esler. Having interviewed Mark Regev, Esler allowed Barghouti a lengthy uninterrupted rant  chock full of accusations against PM Netanyahu and Israel. 

If you’d come in half-way through it you’d assume the litany of deviousness and ill will he was setting out was some sort of Damascene confession of his own side’s malevolence. But it was only another demonstration of a Palestinian projecting his own side’s innermost feelings and deviousnesses onto his enemy, a habit that, at least, gives an insight into the Palestinian way of thinking.

One accusation he flung at Israel was ‘not abiding by the rule of law’, especially in regard to possible premature retaliation, i.e., before the accused had faced prosecution in a court of law. I think you’d agree that this was almost funny if it wasn’t tragic. I had to laugh at the end, when Gavin thanked ‘Marwan’. I suppose one Barghouti is as good as any other.

I tried to embed this video from the House of Commons from Democracy Live, but try as I might Blogger wouldn’t have it. It does last quite a long time, but it was interesting in that several MPs raised the question of British taxpayers money funding terrorism, and although too many members kept trying to make moral equivalences, it looks as though it’s pretty well accepted in the HoC that the Hamas is a despicable organisation. Someone should try and persuade the BBC that this is the case.


  1. Christopher Scopes2 July 2014 at 15:29

    That was an interesting link above. The person they ought to have on newsnight is jason Pearlman interviewed in Israel on the Radio 4 P.M. programme yesterday. The link is here about 7 minutes 30 seconds in. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b047zk6q He was extremely ariticulate and a vociferous defence of Israel's position. He quoted Golda Meir who said that
    the problem was the the problem with the palestinians is that they teach their children to hate Israeli children more than they love theirs.

    1. That was a fine contribution from Jason Pearlman, Christopher. Well worth listening to (for anyone who already hasn't).


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