Sunday 31 August 2014

Another fake photo from Jon Donnison

Jon Donnison just can't help himself. He's only gone and tweeted another fake photo today:
Alas someone was on hand to set him straight:
Still, at least that's a little light relief - and it is a lovely fake photo. (His previous mistakes on Twitter have been far more serious.)

Anyhow, at least it shows that he can take a few minutes break from bashing Hadar at BBC Watch.

Does anyone else wonder what his BBC bosses are making of all this unseemly squabbling by one of their most high-profile reporters? Shouldn't they be telling him to calm down, dear?


  1. So, is Donnison just gullible? Seems to be the pattern with these things.

    Also, why would being a solo operation automatically discredit BBC Watch, anyway? Hadar's response to Rachel Burden's admission that the only thing the BBC feels worth broadcasting is the pictures of dead children, along with the suggestion that Hadar wanted to censor those images, was poor. She should have reinforced her point that the BBC is censoring the images which would make Hamas look worse than Israel instead of sounding like she didn't want the BBC to broadcast, for example, from a morgue. Where are the pictures of weapons in schools, or special reports on what children are taught, or footage of rockets being launched from civilian locations? If anything, she only ended up proving Burdon's point. Of course the Paliwood mouthpiece was going to back up Burdon's assertion. Two against one.

  2. Having listened on the World Service to Lyse Doucet 'reporting' from Gaza during the latest war, I emailed WS chief Peter Horrocks a polite complaint. I pointed out that Doucet should not be pumping out Hamas propaganda with a BBC stamp on it.

    He, or his office, replied after a few days, claiming that Doucet's TV report had been balanced. I responded that my complaint was about her World Service broadcast and not about a TV report I hadn't seen. No further response.

    The amount of power these BBC top people have is truly impressive. They are not only free to impose their bias on a long-suffering UK public, obliged to pay for it on pain of imprisonment, but are also free to use the money leeched from that public to disseminate the bias worldwide, with zero accountability.

  3. Hi sue!

    Link don't work.

      Try again - sorry

    2. Let's wait and see what his new job will be.

    3. "Let's wait and see what his new job will be."

      He's probably in line to lead the entire motley crew.


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