Sunday 10 August 2014

Morally indefensible

Israel won’t talk while rockets are being fired from Gaza! Also, Hamas won’t accept preconditions.
So hang on.  Hamas won’t accept preconditions; it will send rockets, deal or no deal.  
The BBC recounts this demand with scrupulous impassivity lest they commit a value judgment. 

Later the BBC passes on the news that Hamas will contemplate a ceasefire, but only if Israel meets its demands.  This looks like a precondition, smells like a precondition and walks like a precondition. 

Hamas’s demands are: 1.) Israel lifts the blockade.  2.) Israel ends the occupation. Hamas reserves the right to send rockets, or (should Israel accede to demands 1 or 2) bring rockets in person. 

Stalemate. Unless Hamas decides that there is no longer any need to kill Jews. This could happen if God comes along and says ‘Lo! it would be nicer if everyone would live happily ever after” 

Sayeeda Warsi was on the Today programme last year warning us about the persecution of Christians. 
Sarah Montague managed to give the erroneous impression that Israel was amongst those doing the persecuting, and Warsi didn’t clarify. It was the subject of a complaint to the BBC and upheld, for what it’s worth, by the Editorial Complaints Unit. 

So Sayeeda isn’t just concerned about the Palestinians. She is aware of the plight of Christians.  If she doesn’t make a fuss over what is happening in Iraq now, but still obsesses about Gaza it will look pretty bad. Her position will be morally indefensible.


Canon Andrew White has a very sad tale to tell, which you can read here.  
He used to say Christians should stand firm and stay put, but now he’s seen the depth of the brutality he no longer can.


I can’t see what the Conservatives are making all that fuss about. Their piddling ethnic minority vote was neither here nor there. It’s the UKIP vote they should be trying to  steal. If they stood firmly behind Israel they might just stand a chance, especially now that Hitler is being bandied about as a role model for prospective UKIP orators.

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