Sunday 31 August 2014

Everyday Is Like Sunday

I always like it when blogs break away from their core mission to post some purely random piece of music one day a week. So, in that spirit, and as I'm Morecambe and it's Sunday, here's Every Day is Like Sunday by Morrissey. 

When Morrissey sings of "the coastal town/That they forgot to close down" where "Every day is silent and grey", he is, of course, talking about Blackpool.

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  1. Morrissey will be one of these songwriters who will only receive his recognition when he's lying in a grave. A true poet who refuses to simply be "that man from The Smiths" and I believe he's one of the few left who truly speak their mind. This is quite unlike the modern singer who would sign a deal to stay quiet and simply "smile" for the cameras. If a modern singer dares to have a view then they face being thrown off their record label and this is exactly what has happened to Morrissey in the past month. I doubt this will end his career though. He'll be back.


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