Sunday 3 August 2014


Marcus Brigstocke's new series of The Brig Society began this Friday. It was a laugh an hour. (And it only lasted half an hour).

What did you miss? Lots of anti-UKIP rants and jokes, an anti-Daily Telegraph joke [what, no anti-Daily Mail jokes, Marcus? You're slipping!], some gentle anti-Lib Dem quotes, an attack on Geert Wilders (he's a racist), digs at anti-immigration audience members on Question Time (they're racists), some banker-bashing, digs at fracking, private healthcare providers and Eric Pickles, various points in favour of the EU, a section arguing how democratic the EU really is (it's very democratic, apparently) and a serious bit about a big business-backed transatlantic trade treaty that could bring asbestos back into our homes and destroy the NHS. Oh, and an pro-immigration rant too! 

"I like the European Union", Marcus told us. "I love the NHS passionately", he also told us.

It was like an edition of Question Time with only Marcus Brigstocke on the panel and an audience bused in from the Marcus Brigstocke Fan Club - except that Question Time is much funnier. 

As an example of Marcus's sledgehammer style of humour, his mock election declaration contained the following candidates: 
Geoffrey Entitlement Overbite-Eton (Conservative)
Jennifer Browbeaten Alice Meanswell (Lib Dem)
Neville William Hatecrime-Bigot (UKIP)
(No joke Labour candidate, of course.)

Good old reliable Radio 4 comedians, nice and safe inside their comfort zone!

Here's a flavour of the Twitter reaction (or at least the Twitter reaction I agree with):

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