Saturday 30 August 2014



George Galloway provides conclusive proof of his own guilt.
Racially/religiously aggravated assault! That’s the charge we’re told the assailant will face.

It looks as though the ‘racist’ element of the above crime (racially aggravated assault) normally concerns the ‘victim’. If A hits B because B is black/foreign/ Jewish/ Muslim etc etc. then the assault is considered to be racially aggravated.

George Galloway is none of the above. Unless being a annoying, provocative, racist antisemite is a race. I suppose it could be a religion.

George was acting in a racially aggravated, provocative manner. He was in fact inciting violence. The proof is in the violence i.e. in the (suspected) broken jaw that was incited. Doesn't look very broken though, does it? 

If I were him (the assailant) I’d counter-sue for incitement.  

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  1. Everyone seems to be worried that this attack will hand a moral victory to George and damage the reputation of the pro-Zionists. As if they have a reputation to lose in the first place.
    No doubt Galloway will dine out on it for some time, but seeing as how people of that ilk are fond of criticising Jews for turning the holocaust into an ‘industry’, it would look pretty hypocritical if George turned his bump on the head into an industry.

    That bump looks like one of those cartoon ‘eggs’ that afflict characters in the Beano. In fact Galloway himself is from the Beano. One minute he wears a red leotard; next, the kind of Fedora that forces the wearer to look down upon the riffraff with an exaggerated air of superiority.The gangster overcoat lends a further swagger. That bizarre broken English that comes on whenever he ‘talks to the Arabs.’ The way he enunciates ‘indefatigable’. Pure cartoon.


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