Wednesday 13 August 2014

Look who's started at 'Newsnight'!

Having taken by eye off Newsnight I failed to notice that another new recruit has started there. He's Nick Hopkins and he's now their Investigations Correspondent.

Ian Katz, as a former deputy editor of the Guardian, who took over at Newsnight soon after the Guardian reporter Allegra Stratton was appointed to the post of Newsnight political editor, has made a number of striking appointments - including the TUC's economics advisor Duncan Weldon as economics correspondent and the FT's Chris Cook as policy editor. Others came from within the BBC or from ITV or Channel 4.

Some people detected left-wing bias is the choice of a Guardian deputy editor to head the programme and a Guardian reporter to act as political editor. They then groaned en masse when Duncan Weldon was given Paul Mason's old job.

What then of Nick Hopkins? Where does he come from? Well, according to the Guardian:
BBC2's Newsnight has appointed the Guardian's Nick Hopkins as its investigations correspondent.
Hopkins, the paper's investigations editor and a key member of the team that reported on Edward Snowden's revelations on NSA surveillance, has held roles including national news editor and deputy foreign editor at the Guardian.
So he comes from the Guardian then. Well, fancy that!

So, what sort of things did Nick investigate at the Guardian? Well, take a look for yourselves here.

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