Tuesday 12 August 2014

"Hello, would you be happy to speak to BBC News about Jumanji?"

A British Muslim, now fighting with the barbaric Islamic State, has taken a break from tweeting barbaric propaganda about crushing kuffars (as he calls us) and come out as a fan of Robin Williams' 'Jumanji'. 

Curiously, he then got a tweet from someone on behalf of the BBC:
It doesn't appear is if this kind offer was taken up by 'Abdullah' (mujahid4life), but it shows that some people at the BBC clearly had every intention of subjecting his opinions about Disney films on us - presumably at a time of his convenience, sometime between his last beheading and his next crucifixion perhaps.


Update: Breitbart London's  Raheem Kassam took up the story today:
A new low for BBC 'journalism' came yesterday as Britain's public broadcaster tried to interview a known ISIS fighter on Twitter about the Robin Williams film Jumanji.
Setting aside that using the death of Robin Williams to try and open a channel with a jihadist is a new low for the organisation, it doesn't even look like the BBC producer got his scoop.
Indeed he didn't. (See the comments below for more). 


  1. I don't know about this one. Maybe I smell a fake. "What the heck"? What Allah-fearing jihadi says that, even if they did grow up in the West.

    If it's not fake, though, I would say that the BBC just wanted to make sure they didn't forget to show us the humanity of ISIS.

    Clowns. This is doesn't even rise to the level of bias. It's idiotic, and betrays the juvenile mindset running things over there.

    Bonus irony: The Beeboid's family name is Judah. Another useful Jew?

  2. You could well be right about the 'may-have-watched-Schindler's-List-but-can't-remember' jihadi, David.

    It looks as if Sam Judah - who writes for BBC Trending - might have been wanting to feature it on the BBC News website. They did something on the general theme yesterday:

    Sam Judah himself went for the story of a pro-Palestinian Jewish schoolboy in South Africa instead:

    1. Classic. The humanity of ISIS didn't come through, so he digs up another useful Jew instead. Half-assed Orwellian crap.

      A jihadi couldn't remember if he'd seen Schindler's List? Sorry, no. What was he, too stoned too remember if it was that or Pakistan's Funniest Home Beheadings? Was it Thursday and he was too busy with a painted-up twelve year-old boy to bother watching? Still not buying it.


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