Monday 7 September 2015


Incidentally, mentioning BBC reporter Gavin Lee (who's new to me) in the previous post led me (inevitably) to check out his Twitter feed - @GavinLee BBC.

Given the tenor of his latest report, his Twitter feed probably won't come as a surprise to you.

His latest tweets are all about the the kindness of those helping the migrants and the niceness of the migrants themselves (interspersed with cute photos of migrant children).

Reading it is like a potted version of the BBC's entire present output at the moment on the migrant crisis.


  1. This is a tough one. Seen in the context of the big picture, of BBC output over the long term, this is clearly part of the pattern, another brick in the agenda (to mix metaphors). But on their own, you can't nail it on any particulars.

    Lee wisely doesn't include any specifically advocating hashtags, so it can all be dismissed as merely reporting the events, same as everybody else. Still collecting them just in case, of course.

  2. Does anyone know how many "reporters " are employed by the BBC ? It seems almost infinite !


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