Saturday, 10 March 2018

Another day another smear

An article by Marcus Dysch concerning the media’s general indifference towards antisemitism was published in the Spectator yesterday, but I note it’s now plummeting towards the bottom of the “most popular’ list, which kind of self-substantiates its own proposition.

Here’s Paul Mason on a connected theme.

Odd that he considers it a smear, since he is a member of the group in question. Doesn’t make any sense.


  1. I really can't understand the obsession with Palestine, in any rational sense. There are numerous land disputes all around the globe with displaced people involved. Why focus on just this one? There are more horrific conflicts around the world as in parts of Africa. There are far worse human rights abuses as in places like the Philippines and China. And there are far worse examples of colonialism in operation as in Tibet.

    I think it is a combination of leftist anti-Americanism and latent anti-semitism, which has always been around in socialist circles. The fact that there are probably far fewer Jews in the Labour Party and other left wing parties than there used to be has probably facilitated this drift into ugly anti-semitism, especially now that followers of the "religion of peace" are now so prominent on the Left.

  2. I wonder if 'not making sense; is a BBC editor career plus?