Sunday 26 August 2018

An emerging pattern?

Yesterday's BBC News website featured the following front page headline: No-deal Brexit 'worse than thought' for science. (That was based on an "analysis" by the campaign group Scientists for EU.)

Today's BBC News website features the following front page headline: Grand National 'could be hit by no deal Brexit' warns racing group.

Friday brought us Customs workload will soar on no-deal Brexit warn experts and Thursday brought us UK's 'no-deal' Brexit plans warn of credit card fees.

Lord Adonis, Professor Grayling and Mr Campbell must be delighted.


  1. Yes, Craig. I think the BBC have decided to do a negative story each day on TV and radio news and the website. It’s definitely increasing.
    For balance there are no stories about opportunities because in the BBC mindset there are no upsides and partly because no one is actively promoting the positive aspects.

  2. This pattern of negativity will continue, becoming evermore frantic as the prospect of a no-deal Brexit morphs into reality. Nearly all civil service offices, institutions such as these above, academia, public service departments, police, border agency, judiciary, local government etc etc will prevaricate and obstruct progress towards WTO rules. Business will adapt - business operations are flexible and Company CEOs and their cohorts are used to renegotiating trade deals all over the world when called upon to do so. We are further away than ever of breaking ties with the EU. Theresa May with her Chequers sell-out is attempting to appease the Remain lobby, whilst with tongue in cheek kidding us that "Brexit means Brexit'.

    If it meant anything, the 2016 Referendum sent a message to government demanding that the UK borders are sealed and immigration brought under control. and that the superstate inspired interference of the EU which impacts upon the day to day life of the UK citizens should be brought to a halt.

    As things stand these two principles have been abandoned by May, especially the borders issue - there seems to be a persistent influx - leading to the alarming revelation that 82% of the 6.6 million increase in the UK population from 2001 and 2016 has been due to immigration.

  3. Also, usually accompanying these articles in the first paragraph is ‘crashing out’ without a deal.
    Purely written to be alarmist and part of project fear.
    However I do think these articles backfire because as we saw with the referendum, the public are wise to it.

  4. Yep I doubt anyone reads or listens to them anymore that voted Leave it’s just background noise. I certainly don’t, on that basis they are useless they’ve cried wolf too many times.

  5. For some reason BBC's Project Fear Mark 2 (or is it 12?) reminds me of this video...

    ("There Goes the Fear" by Doves). The guy in the video should have applied to join the BBC's News team.


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