Sunday 19 August 2018


Having checked the report, they are quite right about Newsnight failing to mention immigration. 

The reporter was the famous John Sweeney. 

For him it was all about "the absurdity of and the crisis in the Government's housing policy" (as he put it, in his usual opinionated way), particularly in relation to landlords and debt.


  1. "Mad John" Sweeney's report was slightly above par as it did identify an evident absurdity in the system. However, MW are quite right to point out the absence of any mention of mass immigration. Who can forget the one hour Newsnight Special on the housing crisis which managed to go the whole 60 minutes without once mentioning mass immigration (which is adding about 5 million people to our population every decade).

  2. It's not just the BBC. I recently communicated with two politicians (one a local councillor, the other my MP), about the massive loss of green space our country is facing as the result of the Government's absurd housing policy (no scare quotes - it's true), and both were VERY quick to downplay the effects of mass immigration, even though I used loads of caveats when I raised the point (emphasising that it's not the only cause). It's as though through ANY mention or acknowledgement of the downsides of mass-immigration could mean that they could be labelled a racist, or they will unleash the racists in the population.

    And of course, despite the sharia patrols, the crime, the benefits claims, etc, the main problem with mass immigration is numbers. That's why the pro-immigration arguments used, e.g. immigrants are generally good people (as many of them are), don't stack up - mass immigration is detrimental to our country regardless of who the immigrants are, how hard they work or how nice they are as people.


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