Monday 20 August 2018

It's the same old story

Here are the main pages of Sky, ITV and BBC News at 16:45 today.

One particular story is receiving very different news order rankings between the three broadcasters.

Sky is leading with it:

ITV News has it as their second story:

BBC News has it as their 12th-placed story:


  1. And if you shuffle over two columns to the left you will note "Westminster car crash suspect in court"

  2. The BBC headline is the only one of the three not to mention 'terror' or 'terrorist'.
    Just a random knifeman then.

    BBC bias by omission is the real fake news. It is deliberately designed to give a false impression and mask identities.

    1. All of a piece with misleading stock photos, stories that get disappeared after a couple of hours and the the vast amount of PC-friendly filler that makes up for the gaps left by BBC omissions.


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