Sunday 26 August 2018

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UpdateAs observed elsewherecomments most definitely could be going better. The most 'liked' comment sums up the overall tenor of the responses so far:
More bullshit from the BBC. We had the Grand National before the invention of radio ffs. More scare mongering from Project Fear run in part by the BBC and its shady bosses who act like crime bosses of organised crime. The Queen will not be amused with Aunty!!!


  1. Absurdity piled on top of the improbable and smothered in a rich sauce of creamy bias.

  2. It says now near the top of the thread "this tweet is unavailable".Not sure if that means Sopel's or someone else's. I've said before, the BBC aren't against conspiracy theories...just against the ones they don't like. They are quite happy with the "worldwide patriarchy doing down women conspiracy theory", the "Palestinians are a poor, downtrodden persecuted people conspiracy theory", the "all big business is out to destroy the environment conspiracy theory" , and the "Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy theory". Of course the BBC will say "but there's evidence for all these conspiracy theories we like"...which is of course exactly what conspiracy theorists always claim. :)

    1. Yes I got that "this tweet is unavailable" too. It was someone Sopel was tweeting who had protected their tweets.

    2. Sorry - posted under the wrong heading. Meant for Infosopel of course.


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