Monday 27 August 2018

Good Sweden/Bad Sweden

Gabriel Gatehouse's thoughtful Newsnight report on Good Sweden/Bad Sweden was discussed on the previous Open Thread

"As usual with GG you get the impression he is thoughtful and not really a virtue signaller like most younger reporters", wrote MB, "he seems to be coming from a previous BBC generation, the post-modernist period, when talk was of "narratives" rather than quotas and virtue. He'll probably be marked down in his annual report".

If you've not seen it yet, here it is:

Gabriel's take on the Good Sweden?/Bad Sweden? question may be boiled down to 'It's complicated', and he ends the piece by saying, "Beware the simple narrative...Don't believe everything you see on TV." 

Though it features the expected digs at Nigel Farage and Donald Trump, it strikes me as a creditable, properly balanced attempt to figure out what's actually going on in Sweden. 

Comments are enable beneath the YouTube video. The top-ranked comment reads, "BBC are bipolar. Tomorrow they will be calling somebody racist for asking the same questions".


  1. Pugnazious over at BBBC wasn't so impressed:

    "Who to believe? A Swede with what seems a balanced, straightforward view of what is happening in his country or the BBC’s very confused and deliberately muddled presentation designed to make sure you come away with no views whatsoever.

    The BBC Newsnight programme did dig out some uncomfortable truths about immigration, integration [lack of] and crime in Sweden and yet its conclusion was to ignore these and warn us instead about listening to the likes of Farage or Trump….we must ‘beware the simple message’. Or maybe beware the simple truth if the bbc doesn’t like it?"

    I would agree that everyone at the BBC is in denial about the impact of mass immigration, including GG. It is simply that his piece was more thoughtful, more nuanced and less virtue-signalling than his colleagues' efforts.

  2. This country is changing. You have to find the causes & effects one by one. I think there are many causes but the effect is one.


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